After the success of Dr. Duck‘s Melbourne Comedy Festival show earlier this year, we’re now putting on a brand new 50min sketch show at Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Click HERE to see the official poster.

Dr. Duck founder and my producing partner in crime, Andrew Keen, helped me put together a crack team of writers this time around. The writers met up once a week for 11 weeks, with everyone in the room making terrific contributions.

Every cast member from our Comedy Festival show had either secured paid work or already booked other projects before we could get to them. We have a brand new cast for Fringe, (Andrew aside) but having sat through some rehearsals, I think the people who come and see our show have a lot to look forward to.

Tickets can be found here:

Directed by Andrew Keen.
Presented by Short Game Productions.
Starring Andrew Keen, Susie KazdaLiam HowarthChloe TowanRian Howlett and Lara McArthur-Dowty.
Written by Andrew Keen, Dean WatsonLily O’FarrellRoss PurdyJustin P Bechtold.
Additional Material by Sal Hicks, Dan Beacom.